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The Fifties

I was sitting on my back porch yesterday with a cup of my favorite coffee in hand; I started thinking about the fifties and how much fun I had in my younger days. I know how things have changed since then, but things I did in those days does still bring joyous memories to my heart, and remind me of the happy times I had. We all have things in the back of our mind that bring happy moments to all of us. But we don’t take a minute to fully remember them.

I remembered going to Daytona and Cocoa Beach and meeting up with my buddies and girl friends. Back then we could build a little fire and roast hot dogs (as long as the shore patrol didn’t catch us Ha Ha!). We played volley ball and kicked up some sand. The best game for me was the limbo contest, sometimes there would be twenty of us playing the game with the radio in one of the cars playing loud music. It was always fun and every time; the winner of the limbo contest was Wendell!

So the next time you are sitting on your back porch, or in your favorite rocking chair drinking your favorite drink. Try and take a minute and put your mind back in gear. Think of some happy moments in your life that will make you feel good for the rest of the day. Happy memories bring smiles to all of us!

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