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Family for Hearts

As the months pass and my world seems slow it is now that I truly understand the importance of a loving family. Family to me has moved closer to the heart, with each passing day blessings keep coming my way.

Last weekend (and still today) I was blessed to have several of my family members come into town to spend some time with me. I must say they have kept me on my toes and have added many miles to these worn out feet. It is just a wonderful dynamic when we all get together and can plan events and make them happen in a hurry.

My Grandchildren being here makes my heart beat as it hasn’t been able to for 4 months now. Renewed vigor and happiness that has been missing since my wife’s passing is slowly drifting back towards the happy side of the meter. Watching them and talking with them has done much for me that I have been missing. I thank them with all my heart and want them to know just how much their company means to me.

With the house receiving more attention than it has in months it is a welcomed sound. People moving and people stirring keeps the memories alive of the parties and celebrations we had in the past. Travel is on the immediate horizons and many new adventures to be had. I look forward to the continued time I have with my family and am thankful for their support and company.

Take a minute today to let your family now what they mean to you. Be sure and try to commit to plans to see your loved ones that just might need company to keep their spirits high. Remember….. One minute with a loved one in need will provide comfort and love for much longer!

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