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Working as a carpenter I was once part of a team building a Victorian style home in Winter Park, FL.. There were two other younger men I worked with, one was named James and the other was Herman. One day as we were working the Foreman walked by and said “Wendell that old saw you have there should be in the Smithsonian Institute”! I gave him a little smile and just kept on working.

A few days later that same Foreman came in and asked if he could use my saw. “I have a couple of doors that I need to rip down and my saw is not running very well.” were his exact words. I hesitated a moment and then agreed to let him use my saw. When he returned the saw back he admitted that my saw cut the doors much better than his could. I looked up at him with a big smile and said “Smithsonian Institute” huh? He smiled and walked away.

It was time for lunch and James had left to go home for lunch. He would sometimes come back at the very last minute to return to work.  On one of those days I told the other guys at the site that I was going to nail his nail apron to the saw horse. While everyone on the site was watching I grabbed my hammer and a nail and did exactly that. When James walked back in for work almost late as usual he was moving at a fast pace to make it back in time. When he came striding into that house  every one was watching! As James passed by the saw horse and grabbed his nail apron he dragged that saw horse about six feet before he realized something was wrong. He looked down at his nail apron and then glanced around to see who was watching with a smile on his face. We all could not refrain from busting out in laughter! He asked me if I had nailed his apron to the saw horse and of course I denied it. As he turned away he said “un-huh”.

A few days later we were working inside doing some trim work. I had some really good hand saws in my tool box. I was looking for a special saw I had specifically for trim work. I could not find it anywhere so I asked everyone if they had seen it. Of course they all said no. Later that day one of the other workers walked by me and asked me if I had ever found my hand saw.  I replied with a stout ‘No”! As he walked away I noticed that he was pointing up to the ceiling. He was mumbling and finally I realized he was saying  James “put it up” for you and he started laughing. I looked up at the ceiling and James had nailed my favorite trim saw to the ceiling joist! Well you probably know the old saying “What Comes Around Goes Around!”.

I’m sure many of you have like memories in life! Please feel free to comment and share your “What Comes Around Goes Around!” story.

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Were Back!

Some stories just have to contain the meaning and thoughts behind them in order to be interesting and funny. Sometimes they are not funny when they happen….
But when told later in life they can be hilarious!

Our family had planed to watch a movie on t.v. one evening. We had dinner early and had our desert ready. We settled down to watch the movie. All the kids were lying on the floor.

About forty minutes into the movie you could have heard a pin drop on the other side of the room. It was so quite. Suddenly my Daughter screamed at the top of her voice! My daughter could scream the loudest of any one I have ever known. I thought the whole world had come to an end. She scared me so bad I jumped up off the couch looked over where she was and to my astonishment she was standing in a chair doing the Vegas dance like she was in Las Vegas! She was still screaming at the top of her voice. I hollered at her and asked her “What are you screaming about!” she pointed down to the floor and said a ‘bug”.
As the story goes on I had to kill the bug before she would get off the chair. Her brothers and sister were laughing so hard it took thirty minutes before we could settle down and watch the rest of the movie.

As the old saying goes “Thank God there were no more bugs crawling around that evening”!
I don’t think I could have survived another episode like that…………………..

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