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The Big Orange

I am going to talk about Orlando, Florida in the early days as I remember them:

There were beautiful sites to see in the Downtown area. The “Big Orange” that stood high over the Lake (a symbol of Orlando), and “why” they took it down, I will never know. I am sure they will tell you some great story like it will cost too much taxpayer money to maintain it. I was actually told one day by a friend that the city said “it would cost too much to keep it up”.

I wonder today what it cost to maintain the Lake Eola Fountain that runs 24/7. Plus they have had to drain that lake several times trying to clean it up. You used to be able to see the “Big Orange” from areas all around Orlando. You can only see the fountain from the streets that surround the lake, or if you are in an airplane. The local lakes around town were beautiful and still are. The only thing that’s bad today is trying to go fishing or swimming in one of them! To name a few of them we had Lake Holden, Lake Lorna Doone, Lake Lucerne. Lake Holden was where I spent a lot of time swimming in my younger years.

Lake Cherokee is only about two blocks from Cherokee Junior high school where I went to school. A site to have seen was when they had a big fishing contest around one of the lakes. There were so many kid’s there! It was almost elbow to elbow. There was always one thing to remember when fishing with so many kids, you had better duck when someone reared back and threw there line in the water. I remember one incident where one boy was trying to throw his line in the water and he had hooked a boys pants leg. Every time he yanked on the pole, the boys pants leg would fly up. We all stood there laughing so hard! We all had a great time catching fish. DID I CATCH THE BIGGEST FISH?
Not always! But I tried!

Lake Estelle is located between Orlando and Winter Park off of Mills Ave. It was one of the nicer places to go swimming. My brother and first cousin and I took swimming lessons there on Saturday mornings. We had to find something to do on Saturday! The Navy had a big training tube on the lake for training. And of course we were told to stay off of it… Well! You know how that goes!……..

We all had a great time playing on the tube in the good old days…

Until next time you all have a great day.

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