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Stressed Out!

I was stressing out in my Doctors office. My doctor told me he wanted me to take a stress test, so he set me up an appointment. I didn’t have any idea what to expect. Arriving at the clinic for my appointment I was surprised to find how many people were there ahead of me. You know the story, you probably have experienced the same thing before.

Filling out all the paper work can cause more stress than the actual testing will iteself. I looked around and there are five people ahead of me. They are all sitting quietly in the office with a needle stuck in there arm. I was wondering what kind of stress that in iteself could cause.

Finally, after about two hours the nurse comes in and calls out my name. With the needle in my arm I follow her back. She takes me down the hall and into this room with all kinds of computers and a bicycle sitting in the middle of the room.

The doctor asked me to get on the bike and the nurse comes over and empties the contents of a syringe into my vein. She goes back and sits in front of her computer, while the doctor is standing behind me. “Ok, Mr. Glisson start peddling the bike!” he said. So I started peddling! After a short time it starts to get harder and harder to peddle. I asked the doctor how long I had to do this. The doc replied “Go as long as you can.”!

After a little while my legs felt like a rubber inner tube going flat! “It has been at least 10 years since I have been on a bicycle!”. I said.

After what seemed like hours on the bike I told the doctor that I had a question for him. The doctor turned around examining the sweat beading on my forehead and said “What is your question Mr. Glisson”? Well… the only thing I need to know is “When this is all over with and I have fallen off of this bike. Who is going to carry me out to my truck!”?

Until next time have a nice day.

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Shutting Down!

About six years ago I was mowing the field in the back forty every thing going along fine, grass was flying every where. The temperature was about one hundred and five in the shade. Sweat was running down my face. I had been mowing for about two hours. There was this little mound out about ten feet from the trees and about two feet high and six feet in diameter. As I drove the mower on top of the mound the mower shut off. I said to my self “what happened to the mower”? Well maybe it was out of gas so I checked it. I had plenty of gas. I checked every thing I could think of checking. Every thing seemed ok.
I jumped back on the mower and tried to start it again but it would not crank. While sitting there and scratching my head I decided that I would just go for now and come back later. About an hour later I jumped back on the mower and it still would not crank. I pushed it off the mound and it cranked up like nothing had ever happened. I figured it had gotten hot, and it had to cool off. I never thought about it again.
The following month it was time to mow again and to my amazement the same thing happened again. There must be a reason that this is happening, so I pushed the mower off the mound again and tried to crank it up. It did!
Checking the mound I was thinking that maybe some one had buried something there and this was a sign. Maybe some gold or money! Ha! Just kidding! But you never know! Things have happened before, and maybe this is one of those times.
I dashed to the barn and got my metal detector! I was moving the detector slowly over the mound when suddenly my metal detector started beeping. I got excited! But in my haste I forgot to bring a shovel just in case I found some thing. So like a streak of lighting I hurried back to the barn and got a shovel returning to the mound I started digging. I hit something! I thought “could this be one of those times you find buried treasure?”! I was excited!
As I dug deeper, cleaning the dirt from around the area, you’ll never believe what I found! If your thinking it was gold or money, ha, ha you are wrong! Some one had buried a bunch of barbwire fencing in the ground. So what do you think shut the mower off? I still think about it today, and when I tell the story to some one I get a lot of different “stories” of what could have happened.
When I see some of my friends that have heard the story a million times (usually starts with “Hey! You have a minute?”). They are quick to ask “Wendell are you still digging in that hole for that pot of gold?” and we all have a good laugh!
We may never know what shut down that old mower. Maybe I just didn’t dig deep enough!

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