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Which way do I go?

:::edit::: Sorry at an age so close to 70 sometimes things get mixed up. I have corrected the fact that ladies rooms were on the right and not the left. I hope the story makes a little more sense now. :::/edit:::

In my time ladies restrooms were on the right and men’s were on the left.
I wonder why today this seems to have changed. How did it become the way it is now? You never know today if the women’s bathroom is on the left or right. When you have to go you had better check all the signs ha!

Some time ago, I was sitting in a restaurant with my family and a few friends. I was talking about the way things used to be. An old friend of mine sitting at the table picked up on the conversation and said he knew exactly what I was saying. He told me that he had the same experience of “changes”.

He was telling me a story when we had to go to the bathroom. When we got to the bathroom the men’s restroom was on the right. Before entering an elderly man walked passed him in a hurry, the old man turned to the left opened the door and walked in. A lady immediately started yelling at him! He slammed that door so hard you would think the door had come off the hinges! I am not going to repeat what he said as he turned to leave. As he was walking past me he looked very embarrassed, and his face was red. In the bath room he said in a loud voice “Why did they change the system!”? Women’s bathrooms are supposed to be on the right! We were laughing………….

From all the laughter I had to go to the bathroom! As I got to the bathrooms I was still thinking about that old man. In a rush to make it I turned to the left where the men’s restroom was supposed to be and I walked right into a lady standing in front of a mirror putting lip stick on. I said “Oops!”, as she turned around and said, “sir your in the ladies room”! I am not going to tell you how embarrassed I was. When I got back to the table, everyone was wondering why my face was so red…….

I had to lower my head and shamefully explain the events from just a few moments ago. They all looked at each other and were laughing so hard!

And now you know the rest of the story.

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