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Sorry for our abscence!

Just when you thought we were gone for good! We sincerely apologize for the lack of fresh stories lately. We are still here and we do still have plenty more to share with you all. Due to a recent family sickness we have been really been short on our ability to focus on keeping fresh stories up.
We would like to share with you a little information about our current situation and to ask you all to help us with your prayers. During the past month Lois (The Old mans Wife) had a few health concerns and decided to seek medical help for her discomforts. After over a month of in and out visits with various doctors she was diagnosed with cancer. Being as tough as she is this was not the first time she had faced this news. She decided to face it head on to get herself treated and return to health. During this process she had to undergo a surgery in order to try and alleviate her discomforts, of course we were all also hoping that the cancer could as well be removed at this same time. A biopsy was taken at the time of the surgery in order to discover what form of cancer she was facing.
News had finally come fourth and I assure you it was not anything we as her family and loved ones cared to hear. Though we are faced with the unfortunate fact that her cancer has promised us a few advanced challenges, we know she will indeed overcome this once again. Your prayers will certainly help Lois and all of us to cope with the situation at hand, and allow us to focus on remaining happy and appreciative with however much time our Lord is willing to bless us with.

From all of us involved with,

Thank you.

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