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Lure, of Lures

A true story to be read by those who fish in the lakes of Florida. The story is about Bobby and Herman Glisson fishing in Lake Ivanhoe. That is located in Orlando Florida.

I know you have heard a lot of fishing tales but this one is a true story and rather frightening.

This is how Bobby tells the story.

The morning was chilly. My Dad and I were fishing on Lake Ivanhoe when I said “just a minute Dad, while I take your lure out of my ear”. Sure enough Dad had hooked the small bream killer lure in the top of my ear. Ouch! The lure was very small but the small hook hurt like crazy…….I was not upset with dad we talked about it for a few minutes had a few laughs and we kept on fishing.

The following day my Dad and I went over to a small lake in winter park. We were fishing using my ten foot john boat and we found a small slew on the edge of the lake and we were catching some very large copper head bluegill. I had one hooked on my line, as I was reeling it in I noticed their was a gator after the fish, as I lifted the fish into the boat the gator’s head came up and over the top edge of the boat between me and Dad. The gator was making a weird hissing noise and had some really bad breath that’s how close it was to us in the boat. Dad turned around and almost fell out of the boat. In a flash the gator slid back into the water. Dad and I just sat their looking at each other. We thought that was the end of the encounter “wrong.” Five minutes later with no warning the gator slammed the boat from underneath almost tipping the boat that’s when we decided enough is enough. We would try fishing on the other side of the lake. “Wow” what a day that was, we sure did enjoy eating those copper head bluegills and talking about the…. “Gator

Herman I. Glisson is my Uncle. Bobby is my cousin. And I believe every word they say. You can take that to the bank…….

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