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Patching tire tubes!

Dad, and Uncle Hansel had to go to town one early Saturday morning to pick up some supplies for work on Monday morning and they took me along. I had to ride in the back of the truck. My Dad had and old International, pick up truck.

After getting our supplies we headed home. Uncle Hansel said “John lets stop at the Old Country Store down at the Three Way”. Dad said “ok Hansel what are we going to get?” Hansel replied “an R. C. Cola and a moon pie! Wendell will like that”! I was as happy as a Jay¬† Bird sitting in the back of the truck eating my Moon Pie and drinking my R. C. Cola.

Uncle Hansel pulled over to the side of the road. The left rear tire was flat. Have you ever tried to take a wheel off with no jack? Ha!

Well we did, and this is the way we did it:

Dad and Hansel picked up the left rear of the truck just enough for me to pull the wheel off.

Folks back then carried tube patches, tire tools and a hand pump with them all the time. Some folks installed a hot tube patch unit on the back of there truck, but we had cold patches.

Applying a Hotpatch the old fashioned way!

Applying a Hotpatch the old fashioned way!

After breaking the tire down and removing the tube, we patched it and put it back in the tire. We pumped it up with a hand pump…. now we have to get it back on the truck.

Uncle Hansel said” Wendell we are going to lift up this corner of the truck and you be ready to put the tire back on”!

Well they had a hard time getting it high enough for me to put it on, finally with a lot of grunting we made it.

I jumped in the back of the pick up truck and picked up the rest of my moon pie and my R.C cola. On the way home I thought to myself “Uncle Hansel really needs to get a jack”!

Until next time you all have a nice day!

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