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Lost or Missing?

This story is about a young Girl. If you are a young married couple and you have a young child you should read this story:

Back in the Sixties our first child was born. Your mother and friends will tell you all the things you should do like what to feed them, what kind of things to use for diaper rash, and the list goes on, and on. I listened to my mother because she raised five kids and I am sure it wasn’t easy. I know you have heard all this before, but as my Dad would say “I don’t care if you already know this, just listen and you may learn something new I didn’t tell you before”.

One of the things my Mother told me was that when the baby gets old enough to walk to be sure and have all the doors shut in the house. Always remember to keep an eye on where the child is at all times. Seems to be such trivial advice that one writes it off as common sense. So many parents think they naturally have this under control, but let me tell you my story.

My daughters name is Gwendolyn but we call her Gwen. In just a few minutes she got away! The doors that lead outside the house were shut. We looked everywhere in the house (I mean everywhere!). We looked under beds, chairs, in the closet, bathrooms, just everywhere! By this time we were worried. I went outside and looked all around the house, then up and down the street! I asked the neighbor if he had seen her and he had not. By this time I was frantic!

I went back in the house and looked again and Gwen was not to be found. I went back outside and while standing in the backyard I looked over at the drive way. There was a culvert under the drive way I thought to myself “no, she would not be in there!”. I hurried on over to the ditch knelt down on one knee and looked in the pipe, about two feet in, there was Gwen just laying there! I reached in and got her out. As I held her in my arms I said “Thank You God!”. I told myself “I will now forever remember” what my Mother told me.

“A small child can get away from you in a blink of an eye.”!

I have tried to teach my kids the word “awareness”, always know what’s going on around you at all times at home, or while you are out shopping.

As an afterthought consider this.


If I had put safety latches on my doors the incident may never had happened!

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Just Walking

Billy and I decided to go walking one day. So! We left home and walked through the woods and down to the river. Living eleven miles out of town, you could call us Country Boys. The name of the river is “Little River.” It’s a Beautiful river that turns and twist all along the country side. It has the most beautiful sand bars you have ever seen. After walking through the woods for about and hour looking at all the wild life, running around (you know like rabbits, deer, possums, and coons). But we did not see a single bear.

What we did see was a big, I mean a BIG Red Headed Woodpecker the largest we had ever seen! “No!” it was not the Woody Woodpecker you see in the movies. If that is what you were thinking of. Watching the woodpecker hammer away at the tree you could almost feel the vibration of the hammering he was creating. We watched as he flew from one tree to the other as we walked on down to the river.

We could see the water was very low in the river, but that was good as we could walk the sand bars. You had to wade the water from one sand bar to the next. That was the best part of walking down the river! Walking that river was always a lot of fun. You could see the fish swimming around and once in awhile you would see a Soft Shell Turtle.

As we were walking Billy said he was thirsty and we didn’t bring any water with us. The water in the river was clear and we were talking about how water purifies itself “every twenty feet!”, as the old saying goes.

We found a nice little shallow place and we got our selves a “big” drink of water, it tasted good like it always did. Billy had walked on up the river ahead of me. I was watching some fish in a little shallow hole off to the side of the main river. Suddenly Billy called me in a loud voice. “WENDELL COME ON UP HERE I WANT TO SHOW YOU SOMETHING”! So I hurried on up the river. By the time I got there he was gagging. I just knew something had happened. I asked Billy “you ok?” he was shaking his head from side to side and pointing down at the river. He said “Wendell look down in the edge of the river”. When I looked down, there was this big…… black “Dead Cow” lying in the water. I knew then why he felt uneasy. We had just drank some water “down stream”………………. We must have talked about water purifying itself every twenty feet for a long, long time.

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