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New and Old

My Wife and I opened a craft store some years ago at Browsers Barn in Longwood, Florida. We made all kinds of crafts. My wife repaired antique dolls and painted all types of things and she was good at it. She also made a lot of cloth dolls and handmade dresses for them. She painted there faces, each and every one. I was always amazed at what she could do. I did a lot of wood crafts. In Longwood, they would have an annual craft show. We would set up our table across from our store. The owner of the building always had her table set up on the opposite side of the hall. Hundreds of people would come to the show. I remember this one lady she came by our table four or five times. She would stand there looking at ever thing for the longest time. The last time she came by she was looking at this and that and I asked her “could I help you make up your mind”? She looked at me and smiled, she picked up this one item and said “I would buy this if it was and antique”. I looked at her and asked her if I could hold it, and she handed it to me. The owner of the building was watching me at the time. I took the item and threw it across the brick floor and it bounced a few times. I walked over and picked it up, standing back at the table I looked at her, her eyes were wide open and her bottom lip hanging down on one side a little. I told her it’s all scratched up and it was now an “Antique”, if you want to buy it. She stood there in amazement. She then turned and walked away. The owner of the building was laughing so hard.

The lady wasn’t going to buy it anyway! She was looking for ideas so she could go home and try to make one just like it. I knew what she was up to. I just wanted to have some fun and I did Ha, Ha!

I often wonder how many times she told that story to some one.

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Shotgun Fishing!

I just have to tell this story!

I was over at J.W.’s house one evening, and we were talking. I here you and your son went fishing down on the Saint Johns River a few days ago to our favorite spot. He replied “we did!” and with a little smile on his face he chuckled. I was looking over in his boat and I saw a hole in the bottom of the boat I knew then something was up. I had to ask him, “what happened to the bottom of your boat”? “It’s a short story.” he replied. I laughed and told him “I have a minute”. He told me to have a seat and to refresh my coffee.
I knew this “story” was going to be a good one. As he settled down in his old rocking chair he took a sip of his coffee and he started telling the story.

Well….. my Son and I were down on the Saint Johns River fishing. We anchored under a nice shaded tree on the edge of the river. It was quiet and we were talking about ever day things, and catching a few fish. Suddenly a snake fell out of the tree and in the boat close to my son, why you should have been there! That boy was scratching to get away from the snake and of course I was doing the same. “What did you do then?” I asked. We grabbed our fishing poles trying to get the snake out of the boat but it wasn’t happening!

We were to far from the bank to jump out. My son was standing on the back seat of the boat and he grabbed his shotgun and pointed it at the snake. I hollered “NO!…NO!……NO”! But it was too late, he pulled the trigger.

The snake was dead and we had a hole in the bottom of the boat. Water was gushing up in the boat very quickly. When it got to about two feet I hollered “plug the hole!”, “plug the hole! son before we sink”! My son stuck his big foot over the hole (like that was going to keep the water out). I grabbed a rag and handed it to him and he plugged the hole.
I was laughing so hard. I told J.W. “sorry to hear that!”.  J.W. was laughing also, He said “that’s ok Wendell, some things are always funnier after the fact”!

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Quality Control

I was walking a job site one day. In one building I had to check the drywall. I opened the door to the apartment. A drywall installer was hanging drywall with no ladder or scaffold board. The man was about five foot tall. At the time he was screwing drywall to the ceiling. I had to “laugh” at what I saw. I was laughing so hard I had to step outside of the apartment. After regaining my composure I stepped back inside to see if this man was ok. He was and he was still standing on “two five gallon buckets” turned upside down with the soles of his shoes screwed to the top of the five gallon buckets. My last thought was I hope OSHA is not on this job.

On a separate note (unrelated to Quality Control) I want to share these quick thoughts!

Being cool in the fifties and sixties meant:

White tee shirt.

Starched and ironed Levis with white belt.

Black Loafers “SPIT SHINED” with white socks.

Nice trimmed hair. Or the all impressive Elvis Presley hair cut.

Driving a nice car with fender skirts and white wall tires. Glass pipes with duel exhaust and chrome extensions.

Walking down the side walk with your thumbs stuck in your front pockets!

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