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Tillman “Tobacco”

One hot summer day J W. Tillman, Billy Flowers, and Wendell Glisson were working in a tobacco patch. We were all working hard picking tobacco. I asked “J.W. Tillman” if he had some good chewing tobacco .He replied yes, but I have had it a long time. I have some Beach nut up at the house. Billy and I told him if you go get it we will keep your row up. So off he went. It took him along time to get back. I think he was playing it out as long as he could. Taking advantage of the situation and being the boss’s Son what do you expect? Ha. When he finely came back Billy and I took a chaw. J.W. was already chewing. We talked about how good it was. About and hour later Billy asked J.W. if he had any of that Beach nut chewing tobacco left he said “shore enough”. He handed the bag to Billy. Billy reached in with two fingers pulled out a big chew stuck it in his mouth. He handed it to me I got a big chew as I was closing the package I looked in and saw little white things in the tobacco I looked closer and saw these little white worms . I told Billy look in the package and he made and awful face. And then he got sick, gagging, spitting, and throwing up. Let me tell you that ended the tobacco chewing for ever…………………

The old man says when you are young you do crazy things but when you get older we should know better.

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