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My Sister Gail

Gail is one of my sisters. This story is going to be about a very nice lady. During our school days we rode the same school bus to school. We lived eleven miles out of town. We did a lot of things together and had a lot of fun. One day on the way home from school the bus driver stopped at and old country store, a few of us boys went into the store and bought a candy bar. We got back on the bus, my Sister ask me if she could have a piece I said no. When the bus arrived at our house she jumped off and ran into the house. I could here her calling Mom, Mom said yes Baby what is wrong. Gail was crying she said Wendell bought a candy bar at the store and he would not share it with me. Mom looked up at me and said son go to your room. I knew at that moment trouble was brewing and it was coming my way. When Mom entered the room, I can’t describe the look she had on her face and I am not going to tell you what happen in the next thirty minutes in the room. Do you remember in the last story I wrote I told you about that little smile Gail had. When I came out of the room Gail was standing there with that same little smile on her face. Nothing more was said to me about the candy bar that evening. The next day the bus driver stopped again. We bought our candy bar and got back on the bus. I usually don’t sit with Gail but today was a different day. As I was unwrapping the candy bar I looked up at her and there was this smile again. I broke the candy bar in half and gave her half of it. She said “thanks Brother”. Sitting there eating I felt great for I had shared my candy bar with my “SISTER” Gail

OK, OK I will share part of the bed room experience with you. For about twenty five minutes Mom gave me lecture’s. One of the lectures was about when you bring something home to eat you had better have enough for every one or you will share it with every one. Think of it this way. You have three sisters, and one brother so how much of the candy bar would be your share????????????????. “Oh” by the way, if you had to add Dad and Mom to that list, you might as well throw the candy bar out the “back door.”

The Old Man says “Sometimes the love of someone touches the hearts of many people at one time. This story was written by request of my sister Johnny-Lou”!

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Dr. Don

Old Man Dr. Don was a plain old man, did his plowing throughout the day.

He sat on a hickory stump during mid day, and ate his vittles from a an open tray.

He plowed his fields from day to day, and when done he had tons of hay.

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Church in Adel, GA

I went to West Side Baptist Church in Adel Ga. Our Family were all members there, and what a fine Church it was. The Preacher there was magnificent! There was one thing you did not do in his Church, and that was to go to sleep! But you know how young boys are sometimes. If he caught you nodding he would get louder with his preaching. I think he wore leather soled shoes with steel caps on the heals, because when he came down the stairs off that Podium and was walking down the isle (ON THE HARD WOOD FLOOR!), you knew he saw someone nodding a little. He would say “Young Man, are you going to sleep in my Church”? Then he would smile, turn, and return to the stage never missing a word in the sermon he was preaching. He knew how to keep your attention! I really enjoyed going to the West Side Baptist Church. I certainly thank my parents for taking me and my Sisters there. “Amen!”
My sister Wanda Gail and I sang in the choir, and what a great time we had. We also took singing lessons that were provided by the church. Singing in the choir was great. I remember Gail leading a song one Sunday. As I was standing there singing along with the congregation I looked up at her and she gave me that little smile of hers. I knew she felt like she was standing on top of the world. Gail and I would practice singing gospel songs at home. Just to mention a few were “Daybreak in the Glory” “Never More to know Sorrow or Die”.

There will be singing and shouting in victory up there in Gods beautiful sky! Gail and I could harmonize together pretty good. Another one was, “Will the Circle be Unbroken”. The song I love best is “Amazing Grace.” Gail and I wanted to write a song some day but as time went by we never did, and the sad thing about it my sister Gail passed away a few years back. I loved her so. She was seven years younger than I. Today I think about it, and I decided I would write a song some day with her in mind.

I can not think of the Preachers name at the Church right now. I just want to say “Thanks!” that he gave me and Gail the opportunity to learn life’s way.

“Oh” by the way, I am not going to tell you who the young man was that he asked, “are you going to sleep in my “Church?”.

“What a wonderful Lady she was.”

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Roosters and Chickens

Road Island Reds are the best chickens to have, “in my book”. I remember one day I asked Mom why is that big red Rooster standing tall and prancing all around in the chicken pen and fluffing its feathers? My Mom looked at me and smiled. She never answered my question I guess she had her reasons. I suppose some of us know what that red rooster was up to. Or maybe he was trying to tell all the rest of the chickens who was boss in the hen house. Ha. Ha.

As a young boy I also had a Bantam Rooster, they do like to fight. They also have spurs.

I learned a lot when I was a boy about chickens. What type of feed to give them, how to trim there feathers so they can’t fly out of the chicken pin, And when to water and feed them.

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