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It’s a coon?

Three other men and I went hunting with three dogs. One of the guys was new and had never been coon hunting, boy was he in for a surprise! As we got started into the woods, we turned the dogs loose about fifty yards in. Some of the guys were telling stories about previous hunts and the new guy was all ears.

Suddenly the dogs started barking we all stopped, we new the dogs where on the trail of a coon! The new guy asked, “how do you know it’s a coon?” “oh we know because we have been hunting a long, long…………. Time”. As we moved along, walking through heavy brush, and around a lot of trees. It was hard to keep up with the dogs but we managed.

Into the hunt about forty five minutes the dogs had treed the Coon!. Suddenly the dogs started barking louder, we knew the Coon was on the move! One of the guys said, the dogs were moving to fast for it to be a Coon (Oh Yeah!). New guy asked “what do you think it is”? “We don’t know!” you could tell he was a little scared. To be true full about it, we were all a little concerned.

The dogs were getting closer as we stood there for about five minutes. What ever it was it was headed straight for us! One of the guys heard some noise and said. “Its wild hogs!”. Some one said “RUN!” another one replied “WE DON’T HAVE TIME, YOU ALL BETTER FIND A TREE TO CLIMB”!

Where we were in the woods, they were only small sapling trees’ around. Well up the little trees we went! We did not know if they would hold us but up we went anyways! Looking at the new guy (his tree was too small it started to bend over) I hollered, “FIND ANOTHER TREE FAST!” he did, you have never seen anyone move so fast! We were hanging on for our life when those “wild hogs” came right under us “snorting”, and grunting. We knew it was time to be scared! The dogs (close behind the hogs) ran them off, thank goodness!

We climbed down out of the trees. The new guy scared to death still. He mocked us all by repeating what we had said earlier “Oh Yeah! It’s a coon! We know because we had been hunting a long ………………. long time!” We all laughed.

Today when one of us tells the story, we think of what the new Guy said, and we start laughing.

(Location of this hunt was south west of Orlando, Florida. This was Before Disney moved in the area.)

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Purse Hunting!

Dad and I were doing some repairs on a house in South Carolina. Mrs. Slagle called her house “a big white elephant”. One day we were going to town and Mrs. Slagel was going to drive her car. We were standing on the side of the car and Mrs. Slagel was looking for her keys within her purse. I know you folks can relate to your lady friends looking for something in there purse! After a few minutes my father started laughing and asked Ms. Slagel “do you need a bushel basket to dump all that stuff from your purse in? Maybe then you can find your keys”. Ms. Slagel already flush faced turned and looked at dad and said in a sweet soft voice “be careful of what you say now John!” and we all started laughing.

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Have you ever been to Strathroy Canada? Well I have and let me tell you something, it was a nice place to visit!  The reason I was there was to work. At the end of tobacco season in Georgia a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to Canada to pick tobacco. I thought that was a great idea!

In Canada you could make twelve dollars a day (and that my friend, was a lot of money for me!). So I Told him I would go with him. There were four of us going IT COST TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS a piece! That’s not really bad when you are going to make eighty four dollars a week. The trip was long but I did get to see some Kentucky blue grass on the way.

After arriving in Canada we stopped at a restaurant to get some breakfast. I ordered eggs, grits, sausage, and toast. The waitress looked at me and told me that they didn’t have grits. In fact she didn’t know what they were! Well I though every one knew what grits were! After breakfast we went to Mr. Sebastian’s farm. After getting settled in to the bunk house we all went to meet the family at dinner. Let me tell you, this Lady could fix some of the best vittles! We were told we would get up at six o’clock in the mornings for seven days, on the eight day we would get up at four o’clock (At four o’clock wow that’s early!). The reason for this was to unload the barn of the tobacco we had filled the first day we were there. After that were to be up every morning at four o’clock.

Tobacco WormWile working there we met some very nice people. The barn help included six women, four hander’s, and two stringers. These women were good! I don’t remember there names, but you have to be fast to keep up with six of the best tobacco pickers in the world, and we were the “best”!

We met some Indians that helped in the field’s to sucker the tobacco. I remember one day as we were working I felt something hit me in the back, with out looking and just standing there for a few seconds… I knew what it was!

My cousin Billy had found a tobacco worm these worms are two inches long with a horn on its tail and they do get fat! When some one throws one of those worms at you and it hits you it explodes leaving a mess on you and its a real nasty green color you just shiver all over when you look at it! You stand there for a few minutes wondering, who through the worm? Then you decide, who cares because its “WAR” time in the tobacco patch! Every one gets involved with the worm war!. Can you imagine six guys in a tobacco patch throwing worms at each other? Maybe not, but its an experience you never forget! And when the worm war is over you have this nasty green mess all over you! Everyone is laughing about it!

While staying there we went bowling, and went to the fair. The mosquitoes there are big! I remember one day, one came by and said to me “step a side! I will help you pick this row of tobacco Wendell”! All I could do was laugh!

The last week we worked it was so cold that we would put our hands close to the muffler on the tractor to warm them. But we made it through!. The last day we had a party and all the workers were there. We had a good time telling stories about all the things that had happen in the last six weeks. The next day, we were paid, and we told every one last “goodbye”.

Next thing we knew we were on the road again heading home.

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