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Females Fishing!

My sister had invited Lois to come down to Tampa and go fishing with her and her husband. I had done some fishing off of a bridge before, over in Cocoa, Florida. After arriving at the bridge where we were going fishing, my brother-in-law said we would buy some blue crabs. I told him I had never fished with blue crabs before, “no problem!” he said. I will show you and Lois how to hook them on. We are standing on the bridge. I told Lois she had to get a crab out of the bucket, she looked at me with that little grin Black Drum Fishshe has (her personal manifestation of “Are you crazy”!). I knew what that meant. I put my glove on, pulled a crab out, and hooked it on Lois’s hook. She was now ready to put it in the water. Now I was getting my own rig ready. We were both standing there waiting for that big fish to bite. She said I feel a nibble she yanked on the pole “oh I missed that one!”. I told her the next time you have a bite let the fish run, when it stops give it a few seconds and then pull back hard. She reeled her line in and the bait was gone. I told her, hold my pole while I bait yours. We were fishing with surf rods mine was a lot longer then hers. While baiting her hook, she said, I have a nibble and the fish was running. I told her when the fish stops give it a few seconds and then set the hook. I was trying to get my treble hook set up on a piece of nylon line so if she did catch the fish we could pull it up to the bridge. While I was doing this I heard her mumble something, I turned around she had set the hook, the tip of the rod was pointed straight down and the muscles in her arms were bulging out! She said in a loud voice “baby” it’s a big one! While I was trying to get the line hooked up that I was working on, I would peek over the side of the bridge to see if she had it to the top of the water yet. Finally she said “there it is”! I looked and it was the biggest drum I had ever seen, it looked like a thirty pounder to me. Every one around us was watching the action! My wife said “hurry baby!”, I was hurrying I knew I was taking to long. Then I heard her say, it’s gone. I bowed my head knowing I was in trouble.

When going fishing with your wife always be sure to have every thing ready, and if you don’t you will never here the end of it…… ever! Ha!

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