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Learn from what you say!

Things that go bump in the night. I know she will remember this story. I have always told my kids to turn on a light when walking around at night, so they don’t run into something and get hurt. Well Late one night I got up to go get a drink. I didn’t turn on any lights.  Dark HallAfter getting my drink I headed back down the hall way, suddenly I bumped into something. With arms swinging and making those loud noises you make when you are scared, I found out right away what it was! I had run into my daughter, and it scared the heck out of me! To top it off, she was screaming at the top of her lungs! I backed up but I wasn’t fast enough, she reached up and hit me a couples of times before I could tell her it was me! I raised my voice a little and asked her “why didn’t you turn on the light?”. With a squeaky voice she said “why didn’t you dad!”?

A good question she asked. The old man says some times you learn from your own mistakes.

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Skate Boarding 50’S Style

Some of us Boys made a skate board back in the fifties, believe it or not, using old skate wheels. The old type that were adjustable, to fit your shoes. They would come apart. We took a piece of wood cut it, then we took one skate apart, and mounted one set in front ,and one set in back. What we called it then I have no Idea, but it worked. Using a rope tied to the homemade skateboardbicycle a buddy of mine would pull you down the road wild standing on the board. Going as fast as he could you would turn loose of the rope and away you go. You could turn the skate board the same way you do today. We had a lot of fun with our invention, if only we had known then, what we know today, do you suppose we would have made a lot of money.

It very well could have been me in Tony Hawks sneakers! Imagine the change of income with Rockstar Games padding the old mans wallet!

One of my friends was cripple. His Father being a mechanic builds him a go cart, with all the trimmings. The go cart had leavers for giving it gas, and one for the brakes. To make it go. The motor was hinged on one side when he pushed down on the leaver it would tighten the belt on the pulley, and lock down. He could now go see all his friends around the neighborhood.

You go into a store and the casher tells you I will be with you in a second. That second was gone when her lips closed. “So much” for the second thing.

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Grandmas During WWII

We lived in Orlando Florida when Dad enlisted in the navy. I was four years old when we moved to Adel, Georgia. We stayed with my grandparents. My mother’s sisters and one brother also stayed at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

They had a two story house close to town. When dad enlisted in the navy he was on the USS Abbot Destroyer 629. I was only four years old. I do not remember much during USS Abbot Destroyerthat time. I started going to school in Adel at five years old.

I remember when dad came home after the war. We met him at the train station, he picked my brother and I up, and gave us a big hug. I was very happy! I know my mom was glad that he was home.

As the years went by and I was older I would ask dad about the war. He told me some stories about the things they had to do during the war. For example, he remembered that some of the bread they had to eat was molded. I asked “did you eat it?”, he replied “yes after you tear off the molded part!”, and he left it at that. I asked mom if dad ever talked to her about the war and she said not really, that he always said “I just want to forget about it.” I guess some stories are never told.

During the time dad was at war my grandmother ran the Phil Cook Restaurant that was located in downtown Adel. My mom and her sisters also worked there. We were so lucky, it helped the family get through the hard times. I was also told that my brother James was responsible for the coke machine, he sold the cokes and collected the money. “No money no coke!” that was his saying. And he was so proud! Me, I don’t know what I was doing just staying out of trouble I suppose.

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Bobby and the Squirrel

We were hunting over off Jasmine Lane many years ago. My cousin Bobby had a Winchester .22 rifle and he was a pretty good shot with it. Why, he could hit a red bug sitting on a pine limb at fifty paces! Do you know how long it takes to find a squirrel in the woods? Some times you can walk a mile before eying one. If you know the tricks it doesn’t take long at all. I know. Some of you may know some of them.

Well I am going to tell you one of ours! Maybe you should go get a cup of coffee or a drink and sit back in an easy chair, and relax a bit while I tell you this story. It will only take a minute.

Winchester RiflesWhen two or three of you are walking through the woods one of you walks ahead about a hundred feet or so. The last man will have the rifle, what happens is, if there is a squirrel in the tree it will run to the other side of the tree when the first man walks past the tree. As we walked through the woods looking in every tree we passed, my brother would all of a sudden whistle. We knew that was a sign that a squirrel was sited.

Bobby drew down on the squirrel and fired! We walked over to the squirrel, he was laying on the ground. Bobby started to pick him up. I said “Bobby his eyes are closed he’s not dead”. Bobby said “[he’s dead”, my brother said “I…… don’t know”. Bobby reached down grabbed the squirrel. With no warning the squirrel’s eyes open, it bit into Bobby’s thumb! And now it’s Bobby and the squirrel! He could not get the squirrel’s mouth open. He was swinging the squirrel around trying to get the squirrel to turn loose. We got out of the way because we didn’t want any part of that squirrel. The squirrel finely turned loose. If Bobby was telling you the story today he could show you the teeth marks. And that was Sixty years ago! A long…………………… time ago.

“If,” Bobby had waited just one more minute. “There’s that word if.” We all know and love it!

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