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Skate Boarding 50’S Style

Some of us Boys made a skate board back in the fifties, believe it or not, using old skate wheels. The old type that were adjustable, to fit your shoes. They would come apart. We took a piece of wood cut it, then we took one skate apart, and mounted one set in front ,and one set in back. What we called it then I have no Idea, but it worked. Using a rope tied to the homemade skateboardbicycle a buddy of mine would pull you down the road wild standing on the board. Going as fast as he could you would turn loose of the rope and away you go. You could turn the skate board the same way you do today. We had a lot of fun with our invention, if only we had known then, what we know today, do you suppose we would have made a lot of money.

It very well could have been me in Tony Hawks sneakers! Imagine the change of income with Rockstar Games padding the old mans wallet!

One of my friends was cripple. His Father being a mechanic builds him a go cart, with all the trimmings. The go cart had leavers for giving it gas, and one for the brakes. To make it go. The motor was hinged on one side when he pushed down on the leaver it would tighten the belt on the pulley, and lock down. He could now go see all his friends around the neighborhood.

You go into a store and the casher tells you I will be with you in a second. That second was gone when her lips closed. “So much” for the second thing.

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