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Three Legged One EyE!

Wendell, Bobby, and James, that’s our names. Mud lake is located just west of Rio-Grande, and north of Holden Avenue. At one time there was a dairy farm in that area, I believe the name of it was Daughtry’s dairy. We rented a house close to there. My brother and I lived close to the lake, and Bobby lived about a mile and a half from us. During that time it was a heavily wooded area around the lake and a lot of thick underbrush. One day we decided to walk around the lake. Walking around the lake it was a little scary but being very careful where you walk it was ok. We had walked about two thirds of the way around the lake. There was this big log lying on the ground, we jumped up on it and were walking down the log. We stood there on the log looking around and talking about the lake, how nice it was, and talked about going boating. We decided we had better get on home it was getting late. We started to jump off the log when we looked down there was this big, I mean big alligator lying on the ground (we didn’t jump). We stood on the log looking at the size of the alligator. The alligator had one eye, and three feet. We walked to the end of the log and jumped off we were running when we hit the ground. We hurried Gatorhome, and told mom about the [one eyed three legged alligator.] She told us to go and tell Mr. Daniel about it, we did. He told us he had been missing one of his calves. He got his gun and went down to the lake, he told us to stay at the house. In a few minutes we heard the shot gun go off. He came back and said the alligator was dead. We went home. My dad and my uncle were there we told them what had happen. They went down to the lake and took a look at the alligator. When they came back home they told my mom the boys were right it was a one eyed three legged alligator! The alligator was ten feet six inches long. What happen to his eye and foot, we will never know that story.

Always remember…..look before you jump. You never know what may be lying on the ground.

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Good Ol’e Aunt Myrl

My Aunt was a waitress. Working in a restaurant years ago she once told me a story about how the other waitresses told her how the boss was when he got mad about something. He would come in to Scared Puppywork hollering and carrying on about all kinds of things! One day when my Aunt was working, in came her boss. The restaurant had not opened yet for the day and he started hollering about all kind of things. But my Aunt was ready! She said he was standing behind the counter going on and on about almost every thing you could think of. My Aunt said she just walked out in the dinning room and then started looking under the tables and chairs. Her boss was just standing there looking at her and wondering what she was looking for? Curiosity finally got the best of him. In a loud voice he said “Myrl! what in the Sam hill are you looking for?”!. Aunt Myrl just looked up at him and said “I’m looking for that dog you are hollering at!”. I asked Aunt Myrl what her boss said. She said he just stood there for a few minutes looking at her, and then started laughing. Finally he looked up at her and said “Myrl that was a good one!”.

I guess what I am trying to say in the story is, my aunt Myrl made a point to her boss.

So when you are working take a minute, maybe you can find a way to ease the stress in an easier way.

I have told Aunt Myrls story many times in the past as there is a very important lesson to be learned from her actions.

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Big Econ

My family had planed a big fish fry. Down at the big Econ river in Orlando, FL. Dad had invited his brothers and their families to join us. About fifteen people in all were there.

When we first got to the river we started putting out set lines. Walking along the bank of the river looking for just the right places to set the lines. The fishing line is tied to a short stick about three feet long with just the right size hook on it. We use red wigglers for bait, after setting about twelve set lines we go back to where we started. We were all standing around talking. Dad noticed one of the set lines LIttle Lake Econmoving. He hollered we hooked a fish. Dad knelled down on the edge of the bank; he grabbed a cypress knee for support with his left hand he leaned way over grabbed the pole. The fish was pulling hard on the line. Mom was hollering get the fish John, as dad went to pull that fish out of the water the cypress knee pulled out of the ground. As the old saying goes dad went in head over heels. Head first of course every one started laughing so hard. Dad was floundering around in the water trying to get on his feet. I had never seen dad in such a situation. With water splashing and dad getting himself in an upright position he looked up at us with mud, and water running down his face, and said, if you boys and girls don’t stop laughing I’m going to tan your hides when I get out, Well we could not stop laughing. After all that happen the fish got away, and dad was ok. [He never tanned our hides.]

We had a grand old time that day, and a big fish fry.

My fathers name is John, and our old fishing hole was located off of Tanner Rd.

It’s amazing what can happen in less then a minute.

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