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Recycle Copper for Cash

My two sons and I were working in the garage one day. We had been doing a lot of sawing and we had saw dust everywhere. After cleaning every thing up we installed some shelves on the walls. While cleaning up that day my sons asked me “dad what are you going to do with all that scrap copper you have in those two five gallon buckets?”. Before I could say any thing, Gordon said “that stuff is no good”and Gary agreed with him. Gary and Gordon were still young boys at that time, they used to go with me to work where they would help me by doing little things around the job site. I used to tell them Copper is Cash!if they saw pieces of copper lying around they needed to pick it up and through it in the truck. Over time you accumulate a lot of scrap copper. After getting the garage in order, I told the boys to take my truck and the two buckets of scrap to the scrap yard and they could recycle copper for money. They told me it’s wouldn’t be worth it, “just do as you are told boys.” I could tell by the look on their faces they did not want to do it. I told them that I would give them half of the money for what ever they get for the copper. They put the buckets of copper in the back of my truck and off they went. I stood there thinking what a surprise they were going to have, and I laughed. I was sitting down in the garage in my rocking chair drinking a good hot cup of coffee when they came back. When they got out of the truck they were waving the money around in the air and had a big smile on their faces. I knew right then they were happy! The first words out of there mouth was “Dad do you have any more scrape copper?”! Boy did they learn something that day!

If boys were always able to “Have a Minute” they would realize the fact that they can learn a lot of things from there dad!

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Grocery Shopping!

Something is happening in the grocery store, and it could happen to you. My wife sent me grocery shopping one day. I had my list. I got my shopping cart heading down the isle getting the things I needed. I was there on one of those busy days. People were coming and going. I had almost all the things I needed except the ice cream. When I went to put the ice cream in my buggy, I notice something Shopping is Fun!didn’t look right, there were some things in my cart that were not mine. [oops] I had someone else’s grocery cart, now what am I going to do? I started going up and down the isles looking in every cart I passed trying not to be noticed. I didn’t even know who I was looking for. About half way across the store a lady coming out of one of the isles, looked at me with this surprised face and said I’ve been looking all over this store for you. You have my grocery cart. You should have seen my face. We stood there exchanging groceries from one cart to the other we looked at each other and busted out laughing, thank goodness I didn’t get a lecture. I told her I had heard of things like this happening but never thought it would happen to me, and we started laughing again. I told her I am sorry and I apologized. As she walked away she was mumbling something. I’ve often wondered, what she was saying. Maybe she was saying what a nice young man. [Or…….]

Things that can happen in less then a minute.

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Corn Crib

Boys and girls had a lot to do back in the old days. The girls had to help mom in the kitchen. The boys had cut wood for the wood stove so mom and the girls can cook the meals. We would take turns feeding the chickens, and the list goes on. One afternoon the boys had to go out to the corn crib and shell corn for the hogs, and the chickens. Not as easy as it seems, but it is a lot of fun some times!

You sit around in a circle with your bucket between your legs. After shucking the ears of Corn Shucking!corn, you take two ears of corn (one in each hand) and you rub the two together and the kernels fall off in the bucket. We were sitting there telling stories, and shelling the corn. We heard something moving around through the pile of corn. We were looking around closely to see what it was, but did not see any thing. We kept on working and telling our stories while shelling more corn. Sitting there, we decided it was a rat, yeah it’s a rat! About five minutes later one of the guys jumped up and hollered “It’s no rat! It’s a snake”! We almost tore the door down trying to get out of there! We looked back in the door, it was just a rat snake, thank goodness!

Always remember to be careful when you enter a corn crib.

My Aunt hollered “Boys supper will be ready in a jiffy!”. Just how long is a jiffy?

(Maybe a minute?)

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For the Ladies!

We decided to go fishing in Winter Park. The lakes there are very nice on most any given day. Besides, we did not have to drive very far. Well on that day it was nice as usual and cousin Bobby picked us up early that morning. If you knew Bobby, he was always an early bird. But birds are not up at four A.M. Anyway, on with the fish story. After getting all of our fishing gear, breakfast sandwiches, and a thermos of hot coffee we were ready to launch the boat. We shoved off. Fishing along the shore line for about an hour, my wife had already caught a few fish. Bobby and I had not had as much as a nibble. We moved to another place on the lake, the same thing, my wife was still catching all the fish. Wile she was sitting in the boat with that little grin on her face, we knew what she was thinking! Bobby said “I know where there is a place that we may catch a few specks”. Lois said “I’m doing ok here!” Anyway, we moved on and went to the speck hole. After we got there, Lois swung that rod back over her shoulder so she could make a long cast. I looked back at Bobby as he grabbed his hat and said “that was close!”. WE WERE BOTH LAUGHING! We sat there for a few more minutes and Lois had a bite! When she reared back on that rod she slapped me right across the nose! It was so hard I had tears running down my face! I looked over at Lois, then Lois realized what she had done, she touched my arm and asked “are you ok?” “yeah” I replied, still with tears in my eyes. She was so busy trying to get that big speck out of the water she turned back around and started reeling!. Bobby and I both were still steadily ducking the rod! Lois hollered “stay out of the way!”, we were, believe me. Lois was laughing. Bobby said “that is one big speck!”, I agreed. We were so busy watching her have so much fun, we quit fishing, until she landed that fish. Bobby and I were talking. We did finally catch a few ourselves. And then Lois said in a loud voice “I caught the biggest fish!” and started laughing! Yeah, we know we had been shown up.  She never lets us live that day down.

When you go fishing with your wife be careful she may be the one to bring the biggest fish home!

Oh! By the way, there was a red spot down the side of my nose for about two weeks! Some of my friends would ask what happened to your nose? I said “ask Mrs Lois”.

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