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Riding a bicycle is a lot of fun for some of us especialy when you can reach the peddles on a boys bicycle. I learned to ride on a boys bike, the bad thing is sticking your right leg through the frame an keeping your foot on the pedal on the other side, but when your young and no girls bike is available what are you going to do besides a girls bike is easier to ride when you are small and short. But of coarse boys don’t ride girls bikes right, right. Now that we have that behind us, on with the story.

As you get older and older you are ready to do all kinds of things, like ride your bicycle to school, go fishing, go see your buddies, go to the movies, oh almost for got (go see your girl friend) as time goes by you learn to do tricks on your bike. I can remember back the first time I rode my bike on the back wheel of course they call it today a wheelie BicycleI think. At my buddies house there drive way was a long one. We built a ramp close to his house in the drive way, but it was to low the first time I tried it, I didn’t get airborne, so we build it higher so back down to the end of the drive way again. I got all prepared to make this one a good one, now all set, I took off the closer I got to the ramp the faster I peddled the bike giving it all I got reaching the ramp my brother hollers you are going to fast I did not slow down because I wanted to make this one my best when I went up that ramp I was moving on, at the top of the ramp I yanked up on the front of the bike so I could go further in mid air well let me tell you I did when I landed I was balance on the back wheel I had traveled further then expected [ to late] I should have listen to my brother I was going so fast that when the front wheel came down I ran into the chicken fence tearing it down my brother and my buddy came running over to help me get out of that tangled mess and of course they where laughing so hard when they finely got the bike and me out of the tangled fence my brother asked “you ok?” I said “a ok”! Laughing about what had just happened my brother turned around, and said we have a big problem and I said “what”? He said “the chickens are out”!

Look at it this way we rounded up the chickens, and we fixed the fence. His Father was happy, and then he said “move the ramp”! We looked at each other and busted out laughing again.

All I can say is I had one heck of a ride that day.

If “You Have A Minute” be sure and take a minute and think of some of the things you may have done long ago!

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Thinking of Yesterday

What about this…….. The 1950’s
Things I remember:

  1. You could buy a gallon of gas for twenty five cents.
  2. A loaf of bread for ten cents.
  3. A new bicycle with all the trimmings for thirty nine ninety five. A simple stripped down bike for twenty nine ninety five!
  4. A drink and a candy bar for ten cents.

My favorite back then was a Baby Ruth candy bar. The drink I had? Well I will tell you later in another story. Do you remember the five and ten cent stores and the things you could buy for five or ten cents? Today it’s the dollar store. You could go to the movies with two bits in your pocket it would cost you ten cents to get in, and have enough change for pop corn, and a soda besides that the buttered pop corn was so good you could eat box and all! (But we never ate the box.)

  1. You could buy a Gibson mandolin for $80.00 dollars
  2. A Tricycle for $18.00
  3. Bicycle tire for $2.95
  4. Fishing pole for $.79
  5. Car tire for $19.95
  6. A Kay guitar for $39.95

What if we could buy some of these items today for the same price? (We would be rich!)

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