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Yankee Dime

Have you ever heard the saying “Mom will give you a Yankee dime if you kids will do these chores for me!”?

Chores for a Yankee Dime!

One day our mother told us if we would do these chores for her she would give us a Yankee dime. We asked mom “what is a Yankee dime”? “I’m not going to tell you until you have finished your chores.” She replied. As we got busy, we were talking to each other I asked my brother and sisters “do any of you know what a Yankee dime is?” They both said “Nope!” Someone said maybe it’s a real dime, my Brother said he didn’t know what it was, so we ponder over and over about it. One of my sisters said “it could be cake and ice cream” and then started laughing. What ever it is, mom is probably in the other room laughing. That’s when Johnnie spoke in a loud voice “We are never going to find out if we don’t hurry up and finish the chores”! We finely finished. All of us ran into the other room where mom was waiting. We were all so excited we told her we were done. She said all of you come over here real close to me and I will give you a Yankee dime. So we did, closer she said and then she gave all of us a great big kiss on the cheek and said that is a Yankee dime!

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The Guy Wire.

You know that cable that helps stable a power pole I went to town with my uncle one day. We were walking down the side walk talking about where we had to go all of sudden he said in a little louder voice “BUDDY! LOOK AT THAT GOOD LOOKING GIRL WALKING DOWN THE STREET ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD!” I looked over, all of a sudden I stumbled and ran smack into a guy wire. I grabbed for the wire, tangled with it for a second and then finally I was laying on the ground. I got up and dusted my clothes off a little. My uncle chuckled a little and said “it sure was a good looking girl! Don’t you think?”.

So the next time you’re walking down the sidewalk watch out for the guy wire it may get you next!

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