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Fried Chicken

I told you early in a story I would get back with you Folks with some finger licking food. Here is the best way to cook fried chicken Mama says. Go to the store and buy a can of hog lard when you get back home get that black skillet out, if there is a number two stamped on the bottom it’s a good one. Now we are ready turn the heat up put enough lard in the skillet to where it will be half way up the side of a leg piece be shore to adjust your heat so it does not cook to slow or to fast rinse the chicken off real good now salt Mamas Fried Chickenand put some black pepper on it get the self rising flower out and put just enough in a bowl to cover all the pieces of chicken now roll the pieces around in the flower real good now you are ready to fry. Now put the chicken pieces in the skillet, remember if you have pieces that have been cut and the skin is on one side only put skin side down first, be shore to cook half way through before turning over. I remember what mama said “YOU NEVER TURN CHICKEN OVER BUT ONE TIME WILD COOKING”. When golden brown remove from skillet. Don’t for get to cook those black eye peas, and collard greens now make some home made corn bread, oh don’t for get the sliced tomato and that big——– glass of Lipton ice tea.

Remember to put lots napkins on the table because this is going to be some good finger licking, lip licking fried chicken MAMA SAID. —————————————————————————————————————————————-



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Going Coon Hunting!

One summer after noon the gang (my brother and I and two cousins) decided to go coon hunting. One of my cousins had a really good coon dog.We set a time to go and got all the things together we might need. Things like candy bars and something to drink for the hunt. Were going to take a .22 rifle, you never know what you might run into out in the woods (no bears I hope). My Brother being the oldest (he’s the boss) announced “alright you guys its time to go”! We collected all our stuff, got the dog, and we were off to the woods while whistling a few tunes and talking about the big coon the dog was going to tree!

Raccoon Hubting!We finely got to the area where we could turn the dog loose. After about ten minutes the dog started barking, after a short time we heard the dog tree something. We hurried along as fast as we could, its not easy getting there through the woods. Reaching the area where the dog was. To our surprise there was no tree there, the dog had something cornered in a big patch of bushes. We could not see what it was. We walked around the large bunch of bushes and small trees about six foot tall trying to see what it was, but with no luck my cousin said “I’M GOING IN TO SEE”! “Oh no you’re not man you don’t know what’s in there!” I replied. For all we new it could have been a diamond back rattle snake! But knowing how he loved his dog he would do any thing to get his dog out of the bushes.

We stood around for a little while wandering what we should do, and then my cousin in a loud voice said, “I’m going in and get my dog out of there”! We tried to stop him, even my brother being the boss tried to stop him. He was determined to go in to the tall bushes any way. As he disappeared into the bushes we backed up about ten steps. We just stood there in amazement that he would do such a thing! Then all of a sudden he yells scarring the heck out of us. You would think the way those bushes were moving around in there it was a bear! He came out of the bushes with his dog faster then he went in!

After all that had just happened, we finely found out what the dog had cornered. There was this smell you never ever forget! A skunk had sprayed him and the dog! The odor was so bad that we left the area in a hurry, my cousin following a long way behind us! We were laughing all the way home “we told you not to go in the bushes! But you wouldn’t listen!” we would tell him. Arriving home my cousin started into the house when his mother hollered at him and said “You are not coming in here until you take your clothes off and burn them and take a bath”!

Well what can I say except when you don’t know what’s in the bushes maybe you should just stay out.

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One minute phone calls!

Phone call

Daniel calls his Uncle Wendell one day. He asked “you have a minute?” I said sure! He wanted to know if I could come down to his house and take a look at the porch deck, he was having trouble with he said it would only take a minute. Well it’s a hundred yards to his house, and then taking thirty minutes to look at the problem he had. well so much for the minute Daniel!

When some one calls and says it will only take a minute. Think about Daniels minute!

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A Gauge

My Uncle and I went into a hardware store one day to by a gauge. We were standing in the tool department looking at the tools when this lady walks up and ask “May I help you?”.Carpenters Butt Gauge My uncle said “Yes, what we are looking for is a butt gauge”. The lady quickly turned and walked away. We looked at each other and was wandering what we had said for her to leave us just standing! She went over to and associate and told him that those two men standing over there insulted me. He asked what we did that was insulting. About that time we looked at each other as the light bulb over our heads lit up! We laughed because we could hear her telling him that we asked her if she had a butt gauge! The other associate smiled and said “yes we do!”, and then told her what it was. The tool is used to cut out the hinges on the butt side of the door. The other associate came over and showed us where it was. We thanked him and told him to tell the lady we did not mean to embarrass her. He said that he told her what it was she said “oh!”.

The next time you buy a tool be careful of what you say.

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