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A Gauge

My Uncle and I went into a hardware store one day to by a gauge. We were standing in the tool department looking at the tools when this lady walks up and ask “May I help you?”.Carpenters Butt Gauge My uncle said “Yes, what we are looking for is a butt gauge”. The lady quickly turned and walked away. We looked at each other and was wandering what we had said for her to leave us just standing! She went over to and associate and told him that those two men standing over there insulted me. He asked what we did that was insulting. About that time we looked at each other as the light bulb over our heads lit up! We laughed because we could hear her telling him that we asked her if she had a butt gauge! The other associate smiled and said “yes we do!”, and then told her what it was. The tool is used to cut out the hinges on the butt side of the door. The other associate came over and showed us where it was. We thanked him and told him to tell the lady we did not mean to embarrass her. He said that he told her what it was she said “oh!”.

The next time you buy a tool be careful of what you say.

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Yankee Dime

Have you ever heard the saying “Mom will give you a Yankee dime if you kids will do these chores for me!”?

Chores for a Yankee Dime!

One day our mother told us if we would do these chores for her she would give us a Yankee dime. We asked mom “what is a Yankee dime”? “I’m not going to tell you until you have finished your chores.” She replied. As we got busy, we were talking to each other I asked my brother and sisters “do any of you know what a Yankee dime is?” They both said “Nope!” Someone said maybe it’s a real dime, my Brother said he didn’t know what it was, so we ponder over and over about it. One of my sisters said “it could be cake and ice cream” and then started laughing. What ever it is, mom is probably in the other room laughing. That’s when Johnnie spoke in a loud voice “We are never going to find out if we don’t hurry up and finish the chores”! We finely finished. All of us ran into the other room where mom was waiting. We were all so excited we told her we were done. She said all of you come over here real close to me and I will give you a Yankee dime. So we did, closer she said and then she gave all of us a great big kiss on the cheek and said that is a Yankee dime!

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