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More to come don’t give up :)

Due to some unplanned travel my mission to provide stories as close to every other day have currently been thwarted. I assure you that within the next few days I will be able to share more stories with you. Please check back regularly!

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Mom had her views… And I can still see them!

When the world started talking about womens lib my mother would have told you to leave it like it is.

The way it was you may ask…… Keeping up with the house and watching over 5 children. But do not think my mother didn’t work! She worked hard in the fields, as a matter of fact she showed me how to pick cotton. My grandmother was there and on that day I told her that I was going to pick more cotton than she could. Cotton Field

With my strap connected to a crocker sack, the temperature high in the 90’s I worked extremely hard that day. I remember nothing better than sweating and drinking allot of water! That afternoon at quitting time we left the fields and went to the barn. Tired from the days work, I just knew I had picked more cotton than my grandmother!

They weighed my pickings for the day and I remember it was just under 100lbs. When they weighed my grand mothers pickings she was well over 100lbs! Sadly, she had won. With my $2.60 in hand for my hard days work, I held my head low and knew I had been beat.

So with the fact her pocket was padded much heavier than mine… I had to surrender to the thought that womens lib was just a coy to show us that Americas women could indeed work harder. But it just goes to show that children often think they are better than the Old Folks, and the Old Folks are smart enough to challenge those kids to get more work out of them.

To this day I stand firm in saying that the best thing since sliced bread is the Cotton Picker!

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Chicken Soup?

Todays society lacks the importance of life lessons as I learned them…. The next time your child wants to tell you that he doesn’t have a minute to help around the house. Share this lesson that he will likely never learn!

When I was 14yrs old going to high school in Adel, Georgia, my mother showed me how to ring the neck of a chicken. Let me tell you that was a sight to see!

Chicken I held that chicken by the head, my mother told me to just spin the chicken around and I would feel the chickens neck break. Well…. I did exactly what she said. I then threw the chicken into a big galvanized wash tub, and you should have heard the squeals from my mother! That chicken jumped out with its neck hanging to the side and started running all around the house. My mother screamed “Catch that chicken son!”. Well all I can say is……… You really should have been there.

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