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Infinite minutes that exist…..

We always seem to think that we just do not have the time to do everything we need…. Well lets take a look at some examples of times life steals minutes to allow us to catch up, but yet these minutes are always wasted without us ever looking back.

  1. I’m going to sit down at my computer for a minute (yeah, there goes an extra 20 minutes with that statement every time)
  2. Yes dear I’ will be there in a minute (now… we did not say which minute it would be did we?)
  3. The biscuits are in the oven they will be ready in a minute (just a build up line to insure we are real hungry in 20 minutes when they are really ready to eat)
  4. You never take a minute to talk to me

Just remember… these little minutes add up fast. I think we can all find at least an extra hour in our day. If one simply focuses on sticking to just the minutes we say we need…. We would all have time to complete those things we avoid by saying “I didn’t have time to get that done”!

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More to come don’t give up :)

Due to some unplanned travel my mission to provide stories as close to every other day have currently been thwarted. I assure you that within the next few days I will be able to share more stories with you. Please check back regularly!

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With life in the fastlane my father had a slower outlook.

My father as I remember him had ways to smooth over life in the fast lane. One day I was with him riding into work about 7:30a.m. and we had to stop at a red light. When the light finally turned green the driver of the car behind us thought it was necessary to lay on his horn. I remember it like it was yesterday… my dad looked up in the rear view mirror and I just knew something ugly was about to transpire. Rushing Well, you know how that usually makes someone feel. My father instead of doing what I expected, he calmly said “If that guy was in that big a hurry, he should have gotten up earlier”. And dad and I were on our way.

As we see…. often times in life people around us can make us feel rushed and often upset by their harsh actions. My father taught me that in those situations one simply needs to think the process through so that we can learn how to avoid being the man in the other car.

I really appreciate everyone taking the time to come here to the site to read up on my little stories. I urge you all to check back very frequently in order to keep up to date with “The Old Man”
One never knows what to expect and often times I will end up referring to previous stories. Be sure and keep up to date and you just might learn…… Exactly what did happen with that broke neck chicken?

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So… we love the minute but it is frequently abused.

Many times we seem to lose interest in the true value of our friendship with the minute. How often can we recollect just when we actually used our friend the minute as a scapegoat? I will list just a few times that I am personally guilty of:

  1. My pencil is somewhere! I had it a minute ago.
  2. I don’t have time right now! Wait…. till I have a minute.
  3. Let me take a minute to get reorganized. (we all know it was minutes fault in the first place)
  4. Who has a minute to listen to what I have to say?(if they take a minute…. they end up giving me 15)
  5. When asked to do one of those many chores that the wife claims will just take a minute…. we can always fall back on “Some things just can’t be done in a minute!”

So… with those examples to ponder I’m sure you can remember several of your own… Hang on to those thoughts because soon we will enable comments so you all can share those with me.

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