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Lets Get This Party Started Right!

Lets Party!Lets Party!

The time is here to get this party started! We have decided to open our stories to comments from its registered users!

If you have not yet registered as a member to our little land of stories, now is the time! Becoming a member of YouHaveAMinute is as simple as clicking on the register button located on the right hand side menu area or for the unregistered people that are to excited to look you can Simply Click Right here! We hope that allowing commenting on our stories that we can not only share true life stories from the mind of an old man, but also open the doors for our members to share their thoughts and memories about events portrayed here. We are interested in hearing from our members so that we can continue to offer stories while pursuing the questions and comments supplied by you. In order to post your comments you will be required to be logged into your account. Once you are logged in you can simply click on the “Comments” link located underneath each and every one of of stories. You may see some links say “No Comments” but that is not to be mistaken as comments are not open for that story. This is simply a message telling our users that no member has yet commented on that story.

Your comments are very important to us and will be used to help bring more of a community feel to our site. We value our visitors and members greatly and would like to have the opportunity to build friendships as well as allow us to better understand the wants and ideas that our members may have. In order for this to be successful we ask that you try and become an active part of our little site to help us grow. We look forward to interacting with each and every one of our members and think that this will allow us to grow a nice clean environment for us to meet new friends and share our thoughts about the “Stories about the life of an Old Man”!Lets Party!Lets Party!

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