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Have You?

“I HAVE”, picked cotton, planted corn, picked corn, shelled corn, planted tomatoes, picked tomatoes, packed tomatoes, planted water melons, picked watermelons, Packed water melons, picked cucumbers, graded cucumbers, Picked peas, Beans, been a Carpenter, Painting contractor, license L. P. gas man, assistant manager for and L. P. GAS Company.

Rode a bicycle backwards, Rode a Harley Davidson, and rode a motor bike.

I climbed a tree played, Tarzan and fell out of the tree and broke my arm.

I have water skied, I jumped a wave and busted my behind. I ran a mile and rode back in a two horse wagon. ha”!

I have rode a horse,

I have rode a Billy Goat fell off and busted my …………………

I have jumped off a high diving board in a pool and landed on my back.

I have been on roller skates and we won’t go there. Ha.

Well that “minute’ timed out. Until next time, you Folks have a good day.

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Dr. Don

Old Man Dr. Don was a plain old man, did his plowing throughout the day.

He sat on a hickory stump during mid day, and ate his vittles from a an open tray.

He plowed his fields from day to day, and when done he had tons of hay.

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One minute phone calls!

Phone call

Daniel calls his Uncle Wendell one day. He asked “you have a minute?” I said sure! He wanted to know if I could come down to his house and take a look at the porch deck, he was having trouble with he said it would only take a minute. Well it’s a hundred yards to his house, and then taking thirty minutes to look at the problem he had. well so much for the minute Daniel!

When some one calls and says it will only take a minute. Think about Daniels minute!

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One minute challenges

Seemingly simple…. But I bet this can be a test to many of us. If you can accomplish at least 2 of 3 you can claim to have gotten some exercise today!

  1. Can you stand on your right leg for one minute?

  2. Can you stand on your left leg for one minute?

  3. Can you sing the crawdad song in one minute?

On a side note…. due to some unforeseen complications last night with the sight I regret to say a few users registrations were lost. If you registered on yesterday and cannot login today…. please Re-Register as you were affected by now fixed errors.

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