Door in the Yard

Faith was visiting with me for a short time. We were in the kitchen talking waiting for the coffee to finish brewing. Faith was looking out the back door, and she said “Grandpa why is there a door in your yard”? I turned and saw a door up right in the middle of the yard and I replied “I don’t know.”

Faith and I walked outside and just stood there in amazement. We walked up to the door and Faith asked if we were going to open the door? I don’t know if we should.  I told her I was a little scared. She looked at me and took hold of my hand and reminded me that we should always have faith.

We open the door very slowly and walked throw the opening. As we stepped out on the other side the door slammed shut!  You folks out there reading this story would have loved to have been there to see the rainbow of colors and the plush beautiful landscape that stood before us.

We heard a loud noise and at that time a horse drawn stage coach pulled up in front of us. The stage coach driver yelled “climb aboard!” And so we did. We inquired to him about where we were going. He stated that we were going to town. I looked at Faith and said good thing you wore your hat, she looked at me and laughed.

When we finely reached town the driver stopped at an information store and went inside. Al of a sudden this Cowgirl comes out, climbed up on the wagon and said “howdy”! Faith looked at me and I could tell she knew who it was, but I didn’t recognize her. “That is Grace!” she exclaimed. It was one of my other granddaughters driving the horses. I looked up at her and she tilted her hat and said “Hi Grandpa”!

“Where are we going Grace?” I asked.  “It’s a surprise! You will know when we get there.” and she started laughing causing all three of to laugh. Grace pulled that whip from her side and gave it a CRACK! “Giddy up you lazy Horses!” she exclaimed. And we were off!

Thirty minutes later we arrived at a Church it was a beautiful Church painted in multiple coordinating colors. I had never seen anything like it. Grace informed us that we had arrived. The Church was having a big picnic on the grounds. The Preacher walked up to the Stage coach and asked us to climb on down and join in the singing. I climbed down and then I helped Faith and Grace down off the stage coach. The preacher informed us that we would be eating soon. We joined in the singing of “Amazing Grace”, and a song that went “I looked over Jordon and what did I see?  A band of Angles coming after me”.

The Preacher hollered to everyone that it was time to eat. He then asked if someone would volunteer to say grace for us all. I raised my hand and said “this young lady said she would say grace, and her name is Grace”! Everyone had a huge smile on their face. After Grace had said Grace, everyone dug in and ate their fill. Once we were done I could see that we were all tired.

Faith came to me and asked if we could go find Grace so we could go back home. We found Grace in the crowd and were ready to start our journey home. We climbed up on the stage coach and headed back. As we pulled back up to the door and got off the stage coach we were laughing about what a great time we had just had.  Faith grabbed both Grace and I by the hand to walk back through the opening.

I opened the door and we walked through. I turned around and looked back but Grace was not with us. I turned to Faith and asked her if she knew what had happened to Grace. “Grandpa it was only a story” she replied.

The moral of this story was to remind us all that with just a little bit of Faith, and the power of Grace. All things can be possible if we strive to achieve it in our lifetime.

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Brother with Three Sisters

If you have three Sisters and you are in a conversation with them about anything and they gang up on you like most Sisters do. You might as well go in a closet shut the door install a lock so they can’t get in!

End of story.

Now that was a minute story.

I hope my Sisters don’t read this and if they do I am leaving the Country ha ha.

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Miss Thelma

Miss Thelma was a country Girl and lived in Tennessee all her life. All of us young’uns new Miss Thelma she could fry some of the best Chicken, and make some of the best homemade Biscuits that would melt in your mouth. She all so made the best Apple pie in that part of the Country. She would say it was lip licking good.

Miss Thelma was the sweets little lady. I remember one time one of the young ladies fell down in the road and hurt her ankle on the old country road in front of her house. The little Girl was crying and the tears were running down her cheek and Thelma bless her heart held the little Girl in her arms and cuddle her till she quit crying and then bandaged her ankle and the little Girl said thank you Miss Thelma.

Ok Lady’s you all sit back and listen to what Thelma had to say about all those young lady’s at School. Back in your days when they ran around in there frilly little dresses and the things they would say to make the Boys blush. Don’t think you didn’t do it, because you did! And when you were in a group you all would look at a boy and start giggling. You can’t run and hide from the truth! Because I witnessed things like that. Sassafras little Girls that is what all of you were.

I asked Miss Thelma why she would do all those things for us. This also pertains to what she did for all those little sassafras girls.

She thought for just a minute and stated “This is all for the love of all you children”!

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