The Help at J.C. Penney

So I decided that I should go and grab me a few new shirts. We all love to go shopping and this was my excuse for the day at least! A wonderful leisurely drive to the local mall was in order, so off I went.

Deciding I would shop at J.C. Penney proved not only to be fruitful, but as well entertaining.

There I was, walking around looking in the Men’s Department for my new shirts. Around and around I walked through the maze of clothing racks rummaging through just about all of them. Seems I had seen every rack at least three times, yet I was so tired that I could not remember where I originally began. I had just about taken all the looks I could when I thought to myself that a little help was needed. A new set of eyes and a little direction is always a breath of fresh air when shopping in a large department store.

I thought I had heard a lady ask me if she could help me. Why yes! Indeed! I would absolutely appreciate the help! We spent some time together and she helped me look at several different shirts. After about 30 minutes I had found two shirts that I really liked. It was odd though, as I know I didn’t see any registers near the entrance when I came in. I remember when all registers were conveniently located right at the entrance and exit doors everywhere you shopped years ago. Absolutely not the case today! I found myself asking the lady where I could pay for my purchases. She pointed me to the middle of the congested walkway and told me the Kiosk was just down that way. I thanked her and went on my way.

The cashier was very polite and was a joy to talk to when I finally had my turn after waiting in line. She promptly scanned in my purchases as we shared some small talk. She gave me my total and I paid with a smile. She asked me if there was anything else she could help me with, and I quickly replied “Could you please tell the girl in the Men’s Department that the Old Man with silver hair said Thank you”! I explained to the cashier that she was so kind by spending time with me and helping me to find my two nice shirts.

The cashier looked a little confused and asked me if I remembered the name of the employee that helped me. With a sly grin I looked up at her and replied “I believe that her name tag said GHOST”! We both looked at each other and had a good laugh!

It seems the days of finding help when shopping at Department Stores are a thing of my past. Those days were a lot simpler as the helpful people that were there everyday always knew where to find exactly what you needed. Their friendly smiles and happy demeanor really enhanced the shopping experience. It was always fun to go shopping back then! But do remember that the cashier that is there to take your money didn’t choose the policies of today. Take the time to let them know they are appreciated. It already appears that one day sooner than we think, even their bright smiles will be missed. We will be expected to enjoy our entire shopping experience alone with no help at all.

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Pharmacy Story

I had to go to the pharmacy to get my prescription filled knowing I would have to wait thirty minutes or more as usually. Standing at the counter one of the staff workers walked up and I said, hi Bob how are you doing? He looked at me with a smile and said my name is not Bob, I started laughing and pointed to his badge, his face turned a little red and he quickly turned the badge around. One of the other staff workers started laughing and said it happens all the time. By now all the employees were checking their badges and laughing it was hilarious for a minute. I handed him one of my cards and asked for my prescription he looked at the card and said I will have your prescription ready in one minute. As I went to sit down I was thinking to myself, in a million years. To my surprise he called my name out loud, less than one minute Mr. Glisson with a smile on his face. We started laughing and had ever one involved. It was hilarious, seeing every one laughing. It’s good to know you can still have a good laugh when you are spending your money.

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Drivein Cool Cat

coolcat A buddy and I decided to double date and take our girl friends to a drive in movie. Our girl friends had moved from Adel GA., to Valdosta Ga., which was twenty-one miles away as the crow flies. We dressed up in our cool outfits and headed south to pick up the girls.
We had worked all week in the tomato field and now that we had a pocket full of money it was time to spend some of it on our beautiful girl friends. Friday night was always a good time to go to the movies. After picking up the Girls, we headed on down the road to the drive in. We went to the concession stand and bought the good things like, pop corn and coca cola. As you all know, no movie is good unless you have those two things to munch on. The movie is better and the concessions are always lip licking good!
About half way through the movie I had this weird feeling come over me. My Mom was pregnant with my youngest sister who we named after birth “Johnnie Lou Glisson”. My mom had been having a lot of problems during her pregnancy. My Dad was working out of town at the time. My two Sisters were at home, but they were too young to help her.
As I sat there watching the movie I kept on having this feeling I should go home. I told my buddy and my girl friend that I had to go home because I was worried about my mother. They said “ok”. So we left early and took the girls home.
Arriving at home I asked my buddy if he would wait a few minutes while I went inside to see if my Mother was ok. Mom was awake. I said “Mom are you ok?”, she said “I am fine son”. She asked me why I was home so early. “Well, Mom I heard a voice that said go home and check on your mom!”.
“Son you are a sweet Boy”.
“Thanks Mom”.
“Like Mother like Son”!

When you have a minute always call your Mom.

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