Miss Thelma

Miss Thelma was a country Girl and lived in Tennessee all her life. All of us young’uns new Miss Thelma she could fry some of the best Chicken, and make some of the best homemade Biscuits that would melt in your mouth. She all so made the best Apple pie in that part of the Country. She would say it was lip licking good.

Miss Thelma was the sweets little lady. I remember one time one of the young ladies fell down in the road and hurt her ankle on the old country road in front of her house. The little Girl was crying and the tears were running down her cheek and Thelma bless her heart held the little Girl in her arms and cuddle her till she quit crying and then bandaged her ankle and the little Girl said thank you Miss Thelma.

Ok Lady’s you all sit back and listen to what Thelma had to say about all those young lady’s at School. Back in your days when they ran around in there frilly little dresses and the things they would say to make the Boys blush. Don’t think you didn’t do it, because you did! And when you were in a group you all would look at a boy and start giggling. You can’t run and hide from the truth! Because I witnessed things like that. Sassafras little Girls that is what all of you were.

I asked Miss Thelma why she would do all those things for us. This also pertains to what she did for all those little sassafras girls.

She thought for just a minute and stated “This is all for the love of all you children”!

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Tobacco Sled!

My Brother, all four of our Cousin’s, and myself were playing outside one hot summer day at my Uncles house in Georgia. We all climbed into a tobacco sled to have some fun imagining the Mule was hooked up to the Tobacco sled.
My Brother being the oldest grabbed the reins and started doing the clicking noise to make the Mule start pulling the sled. We were all riding around the fields hooting and hollering while waving our arms! We were all laughing so hard we had tears running down the sides of our cheeks.
We were all having so much fun until someone hollered “There’s a Snake in the tobacco Sled!”.
My Brother and Cousin’s were jumping out of the tobacco sled just as fast as they could move. I, being so smart decided that I was small enough to crawl through the slats on the side of the sled. Much to my surprise I wasn’t quite as small as I thought I was. My head got stuck between two of the slates, and there was no getting out! I was hollering and crying for for help, knowing that snake had to be well on his way towards! I was stomping my feet to try and scare the snake away. One of my Cousins ran to get my Uncle Carson. He had to saw the boards in two to get my head out.
Thank God the Snake did take that opportunity to bite me!

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Pharmacy Story

I had to go to the pharmacy to get my prescription filled knowing I would have to wait thirty minutes or more as usually. Standing at the counter one of the staff workers walked up and I said, hi Bob how are you doing? He looked at me with a smile and said my name is not Bob, I started laughing and pointed to his badge, his face turned a little red and he quickly turned the badge around. One of the other staff workers started laughing and said it happens all the time. By now all the employees were checking their badges and laughing it was hilarious for a minute. I handed him one of my cards and asked for my prescription he looked at the card and said I will have your prescription ready in one minute. As I went to sit down I was thinking to myself, in a million years. To my surprise he called my name out loud, less than one minute Mr. Glisson with a smile on his face. We started laughing and had ever one involved. It was hilarious, seeing every one laughing. It’s good to know you can still have a good laugh when you are spending your money.

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